Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Jesus from the movie, "The Gospel of John."

I used to think there was nothing like reading straight through a book of the Bible in one sitting. Well now there is. Watching this movie will help you understand the gospel of Jesus Christ better than anything I can think of. This movie is amazing. While I thoroughly enjoyed "The Passion," I think this movie is much better. It presents John's gospel clearly and without extraneous comment. It's just like being there with John, himself.

I came away from this movie with a much greater understanding of the spiritual nature of the kingdom in contrast to the mistaken physical kingdom expected in Jesus' day as well as in our own. Just as the religious leaders in Jesus' time (and His disciples as well) missed the spiritual truths Jesus taught because they were looking ahead to a physical kingdom, so we too miss much of the spiritual reality we have in Christ because we wait for what we already have.


At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Gayelee said...

Bill, please contact me... I have been reading
from the forum Gospel for Today and I am sooo
excited to read the comments between you and
Itate. I didn't know if I would ever come across anyone that believed in Universal
Reconciliation and claimed to be a Preterist too! Can You contact Itate for me and extend the same request? I'm so hungry to have someone to talk to about this wonderful blending of truths. Sincerely,


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